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Richard started writing several years ago and has published four fiction novels. In his books, he likes to incorporate elements of history - although it may be Richard's creation of alternative history - or political/societal conflict and often his plots showcase a female heroine and unexpected endings.

His first thriller, The Assassin Code, as well as the Killer at the Ambassador Hotel, his fourth book, are strongly influenced by his Italian upbringing and his observations of intra-family relationships, spiced up by a little Mafia adventure. Both novels are based on a Kennedy assassination; the first one features the JFK assassination and the latter provides an intriguingly different interpretation of the events at the RFK assassination. The release of this latest book is particularly timely in light of new developments in Sirhan Sirhan's case, who has recently returned to the spotlight requesting a new trial based on his attorneys' second gunman theory.

The Pope's Puppet looks at the developments during World War II from a rather provocative angle, postulating that a corrupt Roman Catholic pope facilitated Hitler's rise to power, while a female British agent is hard at work - her espionage ultimately leading to fascist leader's demise.

And finally, the Arctic Rose, a light-hearted mystery that details some of the unscrupulous dealings of the diamond industry in Alaska and tells the tale of a group of young adults from Hawaii who plan and execute a sophisticated diamond heist on a cruiseship.

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Arctic Rose

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